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Early Learning

Educational and engaging play is essential for pre-school aged children. Through play, younger children improve their fine motor skills, learn to socialise and interact with others, and develop an active imagination.

Tailored for Safety, Education, and Engagement

A good early learning playground might entice younger children through visual appeal, but only a great playground combines safety, education, and engagement, with a design specifically tailored for pre-school and kinder aged children.

Activity Playgrounds has designed, manufactured, and installed many personalised early learning play spaces within Australia. For most early learning projects, we utilise softer materials—such as native Australian timber and hardwood, to safely engage younger children, while familiarising them with nature. Our play pieces and play structures for early learning are produced to suit the abilities of young children, to provide just the right amount of challenge, while facilitating good-quality play for all skill and confidence levels.

Welcoming and Comfortable

An early learning playground should be visually welcoming, helping young children feel comfortable, confident, and at home. Our play pieces have been designed to create a sense of warmth, while fitting seamlessly within any early learning environment, and can be further customised to suit any desired theme.

We utilise the highest quality materials for every early learning, pre-school, and kinder playground we install. And we create our play pieces in Australia, while adhering to, and exceeding Australian standards for playground equipment, for extra peace of mind.

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