Fabulous Fortitude Provides Homely Play Spaces

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With strong utilisation of native Australian timber, the Fortitude range by Activity Playgrounds invokes feelings of strength, warmth and security.

The contemporary look of the Fortitude range has been cleverly achieved by Activity Playgrounds by drawing on the respective strengths (structurally and aesthetically) of steel and timber.

The result is the creation of a beautiful yet powerful contrast that accentuates its surroundings. While appearing largely bespoke, the Fortitude combination play structures are highly modular and versatile, allowing them to fit any play space.

The range also easily incorporates items and components across Activity Playground’s entire catalogue.

Much Like the Fortitude combination structures, the standalone Fortitude play items provide an unbeatable finish to any landscaping project or play area.

The timber cladding offers a rustic and homely feel and can even make a great addition to a themed space.

In the same way that fortitude is the cornerstone of all virtue, the Fortitude range will provide play structures and standalone equipment that form the foundation of your park or play area.

On the Activity Playground’s website, you’ll soon be able to find their Interactive Product Sheets and Planview CAD assets available for download for all your landscaping project needs. Additionally, Elevation CAD assets will be available upon request.


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