Inclusive Play Range

Activity Playgrounds are proud to introduce their latest commercial playground range ‘Inclusive’.

Focusing on an all inclusive play range for children of all ages and abilities, this play equipment has been designed to create accessible features for children with disabilities and to create a space to explore the senses of physical and cognitive development. Most of all, creating a space for children to come together and have fun! 

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Features of the commercial playground displayed above include:

  • Abacus Frame – Tactile activity that teaches counting and sorting. 
  • Finger Maze – Creates a quiet, tactile challenge.
  • Shop Panel – Encourages imaginative and social play.
  • Seat – Provides a resting point for those who need quiet play.
  • Talk Tube – Engages the auditory senses and encourages social play.
  • Rocky Gully – Vestibular challenge with counting game. 
  • Stepping Stones – Vestibular challenge with jumping game.
  • Transfer Station – Creates an easy to use transition point for those using mobility aids. 
  • Stairs – Large, even treads make transition between upper & lower platforms easier. Full barriers provide security for those with impaired mobility. 
  • Hand Grips – Bright Yellow colour creates an easily visible contrast while providing hand holds to aid in stepping onto the playground.  
  • Double Slide – Multi-lane slide encourages social play.
  • Firepole – Helps build upper and lower body strength.
  • Inclined Pommel Walk – A more challenging activity which engages the vestibular sense. 
  • Dress-up Panel – Creates a quiet, tactile matching activity. 

Hand grips, safety loops and safety barriers have been thoughtfully placed around the play unit to ease the difficulty of traversal for those with impaired mobility. 

Bright, visually contrasting colours and edging has been used throughout this play unit and rubber surfacing can be used beneath it to assist those with visual impairments. 

Components from the Inclusive range can be used to supplement existing playgrounds or can be combined and customised to produce an all-inclusive play space within your community.

This playground is ideal for primary schools and local community parks where children of all ages and abilities come together with one thing in mind – FUN!

To view more of our commercial playground equipment from our Inclusive Playground Range follow the link below. 

An exciting range of play

An exciting new range of play

Activity Playgrounds new interactive PDF product sheets, plan view CAD assets and render images make playground design easy.

Make playground design a breeze with a range of playground equipment product specifications including Activity Playgrounds’ interactive PDF product sheets, plan view CAD assets and render images now available at here.

Featuring a range of commercial playground equipment suitable for government, schools and early learning playground and landscaping projects. Activity Playgrounds have created a range of play equipment that integrates learning, fun, and visual appeal, to compliment any play space or landscape design.

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With over 30 years of experience designing and installing playgrounds in Australia, Activity Playgrounds knows what makes an engaging, high-value playground. The Activity Playgrounds play structures and standalone play pieces are specifically designed to provide long-lasting fun for all ages, while encouraging growth and engaging the imagination.

Every play structure, and piece of equipment is designed, and manufactured in Australia. And with every project, Activity Playgrounds strongly focus on quality and longevity, and aspire to not only meet, but exceed all the relevant Australian standards for playground equipment.


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Durable Australian Play Equipment

Designed, engineered, and manufactured in Australia using premium materials, the Resilience range from Activity Playgrounds has been built to last.

“When we learn how to become resilient, we learn how to embrace the beautifully broad spectrum of the human experience.” ― Jaeda Dewalt

A great playground must attract, inspire, and educate. Yet should also endure the rigorous test of time, facilitating years of running, sliding, and jumping.

Built to Last

The Resilience range of play equipment from Activity Playgrounds has been designed to withstand the environment without compromising on play value. Primarily constructed from high-quality Australian steel, each play structure is low-maintenance, and has been built to last.

Combined plastic and steel mediums allow for complex and rewarding designs. The Resilience range features pieces that encourage collaboration, while challenging children of all ages to build their self-confidence and resilience.

Design That Inspires

Nothing excites children quite like bright, bold colours. For a play space that doesn’t want to blend in, the range features contrasting, eye-catching hues that will inspire the imagination. While among the sturdy walls of each play structure, mood-enhancing colour will encourage children to feel curious, energised, and joyful.

The unique yet seemingly familiar pieces can be utilised individually to brighten and enrich existing spaces. Or combine multiple elements from within the range, to create a beacon of fun within the community, leading to an outdoor design that will see families returning time and time again.

The Resilience range is designed, engineered, and manufactured in Australia using premium materials. All pieces within the range are produced and installed to exceed Australian standards—for equipment that boasts of an impressively long service life.

To incorporate equipment with longevity and high play value into your next project, click here to contact Activity Playgrounds today and to enquire about the new Resilience range.

At One with Nature

As featured in Outdoor Design Source

Utilising ethically sourced Australian timber, Activity Playgrounds’ instinctive range of play equipment ensures that nature is always within reach.

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As human beings, we are instinctively captivated by our natural environment. We often feel a sense of calm and peacefulness when absorbed in nature, and so do our children.

Activity playgrounds, playground, fort, structure, climbing, net, tower, slide, shade, instinctive, timber, wood, natural, nature, play

Nature Within Reach

Activity Playgrounds have designed their Instinctive range of play equipment to ensure that nature is always within reach. The range utilises ethically sourced Australian timber, to create appealing natural structures and standalone play items. Kids will feel drawn to the irregular shapes and textures of the wooden pieces, while learning to respect and appreciate their environment.

Activity playgrounds, playground, swing, set, birds, nest, shade, instinctive, timber, wood, natural, nature, play

Natural play equipment—such as the Instinctive range, also promotes exploration and balance, while inspiring the imagination. It encourages children to feel confident within the natural world and teaches them to trust their instincts, all while fostering good moods and mental wellbeing.

Activity playgrounds, playground, spring, rocker, instinctive, timber, wood, natural, nature, play

A Range to Complement Any Space

The Instinctive range combines play with visual appeal. For spaces situated around man-made structures, the wooden play items add a contrast of soft, organic tones. For projects within parklands or reserves, the range blends seamlessly to the surrounding environment, creating visual continuity and a sense of immersion.

Activity playgrounds, playground, seesaw, instinctive, timber, wood, natural, nature, play

Each structure and piece of standalone equipment in the Instinctive range is designed and manufactured in Australia and exceeds Australian standards. With play items to suit a newly designed space, or an existing development, the Instinctive range will bring the native Australian bush to your project, and nature play to your community.

Fabulous Fortitude Provides Homely Play Spaces

Fabulous Fortitude Provides Homely Play Spaces

As featured in ODS enews:

With strong utilisation of native Australian timber, the Fortitude range by Activity Playgrounds invokes feelings of strength, warmth and security.

The contemporary look of the Fortitude range has been cleverly achieved by Activity Playgrounds by drawing on the respective strengths (structurally and aesthetically) of steel and timber.

The result is the creation of a beautiful yet powerful contrast that accentuates its surroundings. While appearing largely bespoke, the Fortitude combination play structures are highly modular and versatile, allowing them to fit any play space.

The range also easily incorporates items and components across Activity Playground’s entire catalogue.

Much Like the Fortitude combination structures, the standalone Fortitude play items provide an unbeatable finish to any landscaping project or play area.

The timber cladding offers a rustic and homely feel and can even make a great addition to a themed space.

In the same way that fortitude is the cornerstone of all virtue, the Fortitude range will provide play structures and standalone equipment that form the foundation of your park or play area.

On the Activity Playground’s website, you’ll soon be able to find their Interactive Product Sheets and Planview CAD assets available for download for all your landscaping project needs. Additionally, Elevation CAD assets will be available upon request.


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Newsletter Feature – SWL Success

We were excited to feature in the latest OLLEN newsletter with a SWL success story for Corey with his placement and apprenticeship here at Activity Playgrounds.

From the OLLEN Newsletter:
Corey from Ringwood Secondary College had always loved bugo but didn’t really know what he wanted to do after school. He had initially thought he wanted to become a chippy but he wasn’t convinced. He then started doing Cert II in Engineering as part of his VCAL studies because his friend was doing it and he really enjoyed it. He secured an engineering SWL placement in Year 12 vi the SWL portal with Activity Playgrounds earl in 2020 prior to the lockdowns. Corey continued his placement throughout lockdown last year, even managing to get his drivers licence in that period. He enjoyed his placement so much and did so well that he is now a full-time Engineering Apprentice at Activity Playgrounds. Corey says his SWL placement last year helped hum develop and become more mature and take on more responsibilities. Waking up early for placement was not easy but a small sacrifice for the fantastic placement experience.

Miles Rayner, general manager at Activity Playgrounds had this to say about Corey:
When Corey first starter her, he was able to apply himself to his task at hand, he was eager to learn, and able to take simple directions. We could rely on him to be an effective member of the team, and willing to take on less exciting jobs that just had to be completed. Management noticed good qualities and values (trustworthy, dedicated, and loyal) in him throughout his SWL and offered him an option to stay on as an apprentice in the following year. We were delighted when he said yes.


Concept Design

climbing, playground, concept, design, swirl, slide, box, tunnel, robe, pommel, walk, wacky, net, imaginative, imagination, crazy, fun, kids, playground, council, government, fun

This concept design was created by our design team here at Activity Playgrounds and gives an idea of the incredible things we can create!

We love seeing our concepts come to life! If you have a playground project and want to feature some of the products from this concept (or have your own ideas), contact us to arrange an obligation free site appraisal and quote

climbing, playground, concept, design, swirl, slide, box, tunnel, robe, pommel, walk, wacky, net, imaginative, imagination, crazy, fun, kids, playground, council, government, fun