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Industrious Range – Timber and Steel Play Equipment

Encouraging exploration

Our Industrial range has been designed to take you on the right track. Kids will feel drawn to all this play equipment has to offer, where they can use their imagination through play, while improving physical and emotional strength and dexterity. Featuring pieces that encourage exploration, while challenging children of all ages to build their self-confidence and resilience.

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Built to last

Like the Fortitude range, Industrious combines the strength and longevity of modern steel, with the warm, welcoming tones of Australian native timber. Industrious is designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia using Australian steel and ethically sourced Australian timber to create appealing structures and standalone play items that will withstand the elements for years to come.


Discover the Industrious playground product range

Playground fun

Industrious will certainly inspire young minds in imaginative play. A variety of play items provides children of all ages and abilities to learn, explore and play. From ticket sales booth where children are encouraged imagination and social play, to a train engine themed combination unit where a little conductor can call “all aboard”. This range of play equipment has all the bells and whistles including slides, climbing nets, tunnels and balance. Kids will be lined up at the depot ready to depart!