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Native Range – Australia Flora & Fauna

“Nature always wears the colours of the spirit.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Australia’s native landscapes, with their unique flora and fauna, evoke a deep connection and appreciation within us. Our children, too, find joy and inspiration in these natural surroundings, fostering their sense of wonder and respect for the environment.

Nature Within Reach

Australia is renowned for its iconic landscapes, teeming with unique flora and fauna. Drawing inspiration from this natural beauty, Activity Playgrounds has developed the Native Range—a captivating collection of play structures and standalone equipment that brings the essence of the Australian bush to your playground.

Combining the strength and longevity of modern steel with the warm, welcoming tones of Australian native timber, each piece in the Native Range is designed to reflect the vibrant plant and animal life of our native environment. Crafted in Australia using high-quality materials and drawing on 30 years of experience, our playgrounds exceed Australian standards for safety and durability.

A Range to Complement Any Space

Children are naturally drawn to the irregular shapes and textures of the wooden pieces, fostering respect and appreciation for their environment. The Native Range promotes physical activity and imaginative play with features like rope courses, balance logs, climbing nets, and combination units that capture the essence of natural surroundings.

Perfect for spaces around man-made structures or within parklands and reserves, the Native Range seamlessly blends with its environment, creating visual continuity and a sense of immersion. Whether you’re developing a new space or enhancing an existing one, the Native Range will bring the Australian bush to your project, providing nature play experiences that connect children with the wonders of the Australian wilderness.


Explore our Native playground product range, complete with detailed product specifications and interactive CAD assets for an immersive experience.

Wedge-Tail Nest Tower

Experience the Wedge-Tail Nest, crafted from our Native range, which harnesses native Australian timber and premium steel to provide a secure sanctuary for immersive nature play.

Completed Projects