Playground – Build & Installation


  • Spiral Tube Slide
  • Natural Timber Birds Nest Swing
  • Half Basket Ball Court
  • Disc Spinner
  • Log steppers
  • Rock climbing wall
  • Drinking Fountain
  • Naughts and crosses

Wesburn Park, Wesburn

Description: Experience the thrill of play at Wesburn Park, where imagination takes center stage in a dynamic three-story tower unit. Children can embark on an exciting journey down the exhilarating tube slide and traverse a remarkable 9m bridge, fostering courage and adventure.

But Wesburn Park isn’t just about vertical excitement; it’s a fully landscaped wonderland designed to inspire nature and imaginative play. Wander through the lush surroundings and discover a harmonious blend of play and nature.

As you explore, encounter various play elements that add layers of fun and engagement. Swing into the sky on the Birds Nest Swing, experience dizzying delight on the Disc Spinner, and enjoy a friendly game on the half basketball court. For those seeking balance and coordination challenges, the log steppers offer a unique adventure.

Additionally, Wesburn Park caters to the well-being of all visitors with a convenient drinking fountain, ensuring a refreshing break during playtime. Join us at Wesburn Park, where every corner is a new opportunity for discovery and joy

This Playground has been featured on Mumma Knows East Blog. To read the full article and a write up of the playground visit their site HERE