Anchoridge Estate

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Playground – Build & Installation


  • Overall elevation 8.3m high
  • Custom Tube slide that looks an anchor
  • Small tube slide for the younger users
  • Timber used where possible
  • Cargo Net
  • Timber Stair Case

Central Park, Armstrong Creek, Victoria


A custom designed playground for the Anchoridge Estate is sure to capture the attention of residents, passerby and anyone looking to give the kids a new experience with this unique playground design!

The playground has been designed in the shape of an anchor with the use of tube slides and is sure to provide children of all ages with hours of entertainment as they climb the rocks, adventure up the climbing net and set sail using their imagination in the cube fort. 

What an exhilarating playground to bring the kids, set up picnic and spend an afternoon with friends and family. 

Completed in collaboration with Flemings Landscape, this project has been a thrill to design, build and install and is sure to provide plenty of excitement for many years to come.