Robert Farmer Park

timber and steel playground australian made



Playground – Build & Installation


  • Natural Timber Pommel Steppers
  • Timber Balance Beam
  • Inclined Timber Catwalk
  • Spinning Clock Activity Panel
  • 900 Wave Slide
  • Honeycomb Climber
  • Star Maze Activity Panel
  • Natural Timber Pommel Climber
  • Abacus Panel
  • 1500 Wave Slide
  • Shop Servery
  • Timber Slat Roff
  • Dashboard Driving Panel
  • Talk Tube
  • Spider Climber
  • Natural Timber Pommel Bridge
  • Net Climber
  • Fire-pole
  • 2100 Wave Slide
  • Timber Scaling Wall
  • Rung Dodge
  • Arched Spider Climber
  • 2m Net Climber
  • S-Shaped Monkey Bars
  • Spinning Orbit Crossing

Latrobe City Council – Robert Farmer Park


We are thrilled to introduce our exceptional Australian-made playground from the Fortitude range. 

For those seeking balance and coordination challenges, our playground offers the Natural Timber Pommel Steppers and Timber Balance Beam. Looking for climbing excitement? The Inclined Timber Catwalk, Timber Scaling Wall, Spinder Climber, Arched Spider Climber, and 2m Net Climber await exploration.

Intriguing activity panels such as the Spinning Clock Activity Panel, Star Maze Activity Panel, and Abacus Panel encourage cognitive development while adding an element of fun to playtime. The Dashboard Driving Panel allows children to immerse themselves in a world of imaginative play, while the Shop Servery sparks culinary adventures in little chefs.

The 900 Wave Slide, 1500 Wave Slide, and 2100 Wave Slide provide thrilling descents with protective barriers to ensure secure play. The Fire-pole adds a dash of excitement with proper fall zones in place, while the Rung Dodge and S-Shaped Monkey Bars enhance physical strength and agility.

Our Timber Slat Roof provides much-needed shade, and the Talk Tube facilitates communication between play areas, fostering social interaction and cooperation.

As a manufacturer, we understand the importance of durability and aesthetics in a commercial playground. Our Fortitude range marries natural timber and premium steel materials to create an inviting and charming play space that will withstand the rigors of commercial use while maintaining its allure for years to come.

We take great care in crafting playgrounds that not only meet safety standards but also ignite the spirit of adventure in children. Our playgrounds are designed to foster physical, social, and cognitive development, making them an excellent investment for schools, parks, and recreation centers.

Embrace the joy of outdoor play and unlock the potential for unforgettable childhood memories with our remarkable Fortitude range of Australian-made playgrounds. Join us in creating a haven of excitement and imagination for young adventurers!

To begin your journey towards building the perfect commercial playground, reach out to our team, and together, let’s bring dreams to life.