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AAP7168A Woodland Crossing

Product Range:


Activity Playgrounds Woodland Crossing provides sturdy platforms that can accomodate multiple users and helps to reinforce the natural aesthetic of the play unit.

Features include;

  • Leaf Roof – Provides respite from the weather
  • Stalk Climber – A challenging climbing activity that encourages social and imaginative play
  • Wavy Slide – A fun cornerstone play activity that goes amiss on any play unit without one
  • Wattle Climber – An intermediate climbing challenge that helps develop the proprioceptive sense
  • Natural Log Walk – A traversal challenge that improves balance, body strength and encourages imaginative play
  • Timber Posts – Reinforces the natural aesthetic of the play unit
  • Ravine Rope Overpass – A traversal challenge that develops the vestibular sense and encourages social & imaginative play
  • Wilderness Wood Panels – A fun take on a safety barrier that provides protection from the elements and reinforces the natural aesthetic of the play unit
  • Climbing Ramp – A challenging climbing activity that helps develop upper body and leg strength
  • Cubby Climbing Rungs – A tactile climbing activity that develops body strength

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