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AP7172A - Evelyn Combination Unit

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Activity Playgrounds Evelyn Combination Unit is built to withstand the environment without compromising on play value. Primarily constructed from high-quality Australian steel, each play structure is low maintenance, and has been built to last.

The Evelyn Combination Unit features:

  • 90 Degree Crawl Tunnel
  • 1800 Chain Ladder Climb
  • Spiral Slide 360 Degrees Running Under the Platform
  • 1200 Ladder
  • Wall Panel with Dashboard Driving Activity
  • 3m Inclined Catwalk
  • 3m Monkey Bars
  • Curved Pommel Walk
  • 2m Net Wall
  • Senior Roll over bar 1100 high
  • Senior Roll over bar 1200 high
  • 2m Burmese Walk

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