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AP7212A Morwell Combination Unit

Product Range:


Activity Playgrounds Morewell Combination Unit can accomodate multiple users and is a fantastic playground for larger play areas such as council parks and schools. From our Fortitude range, this playground combines the strength and longevity of modern steel, with the warm, welcoming tones of Australian native timber.

Features include;

  • Natural Timber Pommel Steppers
  • 900 & 1200 Turn over bar
  • Net Climber 1800
  • Full Height Timber Fortitude Panel
  • Quad Skillion Roof
  • Spider Climber 2100
  • Timber Fortitude Panel
  • 2400 Helix Spiral Slide
  • Dashboard Driving Panel
  • 1m Crawl Tunnel
  • 1500 Timber Pommel Climber
  • 1200 Rung Ladder
  • 2m Arched Bridge
  • Shop Servery
  • 1200 Wave Slide
  • Abacus Panel
  • 1200 Rock Wall
  • Bench Seating
  • Spinning Clock Activity Panel
  • 900 Stairs
  • Honeycomb Climber 900
  • Tic Tac Toe Panel
  • Star Maze Activity Panel
  • 3m Inclined Rung Climber  – 600m Rise
  • 2m Net Wall
  • Curved Roman Rings
  • 3m Natural Timber Pommel Walk
  • 3m S-Shaped Monkey Bars

This Playground has it all and can be customised to add additional units or standalone products such as a swings, rockers or a seesaw. Or can be minimised for smaller projects.

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