Epping Views



Playground – Construction, Landscape & Installation


  • Timber Log Seating
  • Book Nook
  • Balance Logs
  • Bush Hut
  • Dual Height Timber Stage
  • Mud Kitchen
  • Water Pump on Timber Platform

Epping, Victoria


Welcome to the captivating playground at Epping Views Primary School, a synergy between our Native and Instinctive ranges designed to seamlessly meld with the natural landscape while fostering a sense of wonder and connection. Crafted with ethically sourced Australian native timber, and proudly Australian-made, this space embodies our dedication to sustainable design and local craftsmanship.

At the heart of this immersive landscape lies an exploration haven, carefully curated to kindle unbounded curiosity and sensory engagement. Here, the Mud Kitchen and Water Pump beckon children to embrace the joys of tactile play, offering a space where imagination flourishes amidst the rich textures of mud and water.

Nestled amidst vibrant greenery, the Dual Timber Stage emerges as a dynamic platform, inviting imaginative play and group interactions. Surrounded by nature’s embrace, it stands as an inspiring space for performances and shared adventures, nurturing creativity and social engagement.

In this haven at Epping Views Primary School, the fusion of the Native and Instinctive ranges mirrors our commitment to Australian craftsmanship and nature-inspired play. Embracing diversity, fostering connections, and nurturing boundless imagination, this playground serves as a testament to our dedication to crafting vibrant, nature-centric spaces where children thrive